My work space

My work space


Photo above: Celia Elizabeth Jewelry work space

I live in Lecco, Italy and my apartment overlooks Lake Como. I have set up my work space in the conservatory on the terrace. I look out to the lake and surrounding mountains, listening to birds chirping. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d say…”Heaven“.

It’s the time and space I easily get lost in and feel comfortable. Nobody is asking anything of me, nobody is telling me how to do anything or what’s best; it’s just me. There are no deadlines, no getting ready or preparing for appointments, no emergencies. Just quiet time and creativity and the only frustration awaiting me is deciding the combination of beads to use.

Most people I know don’t like being alone. They can’t stand the quiet, they can’t stand not being around others and worst of all, they associate being alone with the fear of being lonely. Being alone and being lonely are two very different things. For me, loneliness is a result of not being able to create meaningful relationships with others and being alone is having time for yourself.  I’m not in any way a loner or anti-social, but I do have a need to sometimes be completely alone with my thoughts and ideas and just unwind. It’s my time to recharge my inner energy and find my center. In a way, it is  the only way I can be with other people.  I need the balance of being with people and being alone.



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